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"CEAC Commentary" introduces news analyses and opinions in Japan on the Relations of Japan with the rest of the world, but they do not represent the views of CEAC as an institution.

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July 10new
CEAC E-Letter
10 July 2020, Vol.13, No. 4 (Issue 80)
July 9
CEAC Commentary:
The Regional Cooperation in Asia Against the Novel Infectious Disease
June 5
Policy Recommendation reported
May 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 May 2020, Vol.13, No. 3 (Issue 79)
April 22
CEAC Commentary:
Oil Price and President Trump’s Diplomatic Strategy
March 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 March 2020, Vol.13, No. 2 (Issue 78)
February 27
CEAC Commentary:
My Take On Anti-Japanese Movement Issue
January 12
NTCT 4th Country Coordinators Meeting (NFPM)
Conference Papers
January 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 January 2020, Vol.13, No. 1 (Issue 77)


December 30
CEAC Commentary:
Issue of the EU Regional Integration As Seen in the Discrepancy Between Germany and France
November 8
CEAC E-Letter
10 November 2019, Vol.12, No. 6 (Issue 76)
October 28
CEAC Commentary:
Possibility of Japan-China-Korea ‘Trilateral+X’ Cooperation
September 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 September 2019, Vol.12, No. 5 (Issue 75)
September 9
NEAT 31st Country Coordinators Meeting (CCM) and 17th Annual Conference in Tokyo, Japan
August 21
CEAC Commentary:
US in Position to Persuade ROK to Accept Judicial Proceedings
July 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 July 2019, Vol.12, No. 4 (Issue 74)
June 12
CEAC Commentary:
Another View on US-China Trade War by an Overseas Chinese
June 7
NEAT 30th Country Coordinators Meeting (CCM) in Tokyo, Japan
June 7
The 81st Policy Plenary Meeting "Current trends and Future Challenges in the Trilateral Cooperation"
May 10
CEAC E-Letter
10 May 2019, Vol.12, No. 3 (Issue 73)
April 23
CEAC Commentary:
Younger Generation of Financially Insecure Korea Flee to Japan
April 4
The 80th Policy Plenary Meeting "Japan's ASEAN dilomacy"
March 14
The 3nd NTCT National Focal Points Meeting in Haikou, China held