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"CEAC Commentary" presents an occasional op-ed type publication of views by members of CEAC on an East Asian Community and other related international affairs. The views expressed herein are the author's own and should not be attributed to CEAC.

No.147 China’s excess savings and the world market: Xi‘s “New quality productivity forces” of EVs and trade conflicts SAKAMOTO Masahiro April 25, 2024
No.146 Election of Taiwan’s New President Lai Ching-te and New Vice President Hsiao Bi-khim and the Future of the Situation in East Asia SUZUKI Keisuke March 8, 2024
No.145 Are there signs of improvement in the relationship between Japan and South Korea? OKAMOTO Hiroaki January 8, 2024
No.144 50 Years of Japan-ASEAN Mutual Diplomatic Support: Why Has Japan's Regionalism Been Realized Beyond Southeast Asia? TERADA Takashi October 31, 2023
No.143 Current status and issues regarding Timor-Leste’s ASEAN membership YAMADA Mitsuru August 3, 2023
No.142 A Missed Opportunity for the Internationalization of the Yen and Expansion of Yuan Settlement SANADA Yukimitsu June 30, 2023
No.141 Dark Struggle between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea UDAGAWA Keisuke April 20, 2023
No.140 ASEAN and the Philippines in the midst of U.S.–China Tension KIBA Saya January 10, 2023
No.139 The Cambodian People’s Party’s Affinity toward China: Trends in Cambodian Politics YAMADA Hiroshi January 9, 2023
No.138 How to Overcome the Gap between Geopolitical Tension and Economic Reality KIMURA Fukunari November 14, 2022
No.137 Singaporean foreign policy in a shifting international order KOGA Kei November 9, 2022
No.136 Is the Kishida Cabinet Serious about Constitutional Reform? UDAGAWA Keisuke August 26, 2022
No.135 Semiconductors and the Japan-US-Taiwan partnership SANADA Yukimitsu June 30, 2022
No.134 General Secretary Xi’s grave concerns heading toward a third term at the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party SAKAMOTO Masahiro April 28, 2022
No.133 The absurdity of "minimum necessity" ARAKI Kazuhiro February 28, 2022
No.132 The potential crisis for humanity inherent in a movement toward a "controlled economy" OHI Sachiko December 28, 2021
No.131 Addressing Climate Change as an Urgent Issue SUZUKI Keisuke October 31, 2021
No.130 Recent Developments in Japan, the United States, and China Concerning Taiwan OGASAWARA Yoshiyuki August 30, 2021
No.129 Where Myanmar is headed: The Coup, Resistance, and Oppression NAKANISHI Yoshihiro June 30, 2021
No.128 Establishing International Rules for Sustainable Finance SUZUKI Keisuke April 30, 2021
No.127 Possibility of Building a New Architecture in the Mekong Region IGARASHI Seiichi February 26, 2021
No.126 Novel Coronavirus Crisis and Democracy in Southeast Asia HONNA Jun December 25, 2020
No.125 The Economic Partnership in Asia after the COVID-19 Pandemic SHINODA Kunihiko October 30, 2020
No.124 A Diplomatic Path Japan Should Pursue NAKAYAMA Taro August 31, 2020
No.123 The Regional Cooperation in Asia Against the Novel Infectious Disease ONIMARU Takeshi June 30, 2020
No.122 Oil Price and President Trump’s Diplomatic Strategy OKAMOTO Hiroaki April 22, 2020
No.121 My Take On Anti-Japanese Movement Issue NAKAYAMA Taro February 27, 2020
No.120 Issue of the EU Regional Integration As Seen in the Discrepancy Between Germany and France UDAGAWA Keisuke December 30, 2019
No.119 Possibility of Japan-China-Korea ‘Trilateral+X’ Cooperation KIKUCHI Yona October 28, 2019
No.118 US in Position to Persuade ROK to Accept Judicial Proceedings KURANISHI Masako August 21, 2019
No.117 Another View on US-China Trade War by an Overseas Chinese NAKAYAMA Taro June 12, 2019
No.116 Younger Generation of Financially Insecure Korea Flee to Japan TAMURA Hideo April 23, 2019
No.115 Miscalculation on the Job Creation Effect from the TPP11 KURANISHI Masako February 22, 2019
No.114 Japan Should Be Ready for Head-on Diplomatic Strife OKAMOTO Hiroaki December 21, 2018
No.113 Pyongyang Joint Declaration Colored with Sophism and Uncertainty SAITO Naoki October 23, 2018
No.112 The Northern Territories Issue and the Japan-Russia Relations SUZUKI Keisuke August 23, 2018
No.111 The Risk of the Abuse of the Abduction Issue by North Korea KURANISHI Masako June 26, 2018
No.110 Regarding the News “Japan-China Relations Improved” KATO Takanori April 24, 2018
No.109 My reflection on “North Korea’s Missiles and ‘Ghost Boats’ Causing National Catastrophe” NAKAYAMA Taro February 20, 2018
No.108 How U.S. Political and Financial Sectors See Japan SUZUKI Keisuke December 28, 2017
No.107 The Root Cause of “Comfort Women Problem” in the Eurasian Continent KURANISHI Masako October 25, 2017
No.106 Xi’s Struggle on A Rapid Fall of Renminbi TAMURA Hideo August 31, 2017
No.105 My Proposal to Amend Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution KATO Seiichi June 15, 2017
No.104 Follow-up comment on "the Japan-China Dialogue" IKEO Aiko April 27, 2017
No.103 Abe's Rubicon Crossing over the Kuril Territorial Talk with Russia KODAMA Katsuya February 22, 2017
No.102 Is ceasefire of Syria a gateway to peace deal? KAWAKAMI Takashi December 22, 2016
No.101 Reconsidering Significance of TPP on the Occasion of the Current Extraordinary Session of the Diet SUZUKI Keisuke October 31, 2016
No.100 China that once thrived on water, faces water problems today KODAMA Katsuya August 25, 2016
No.99 China is to Pay the Price for its Long-Overdue One-child Policy KODAMA Katsuya June 22, 2016
No.98 A “Hell” for Putin is the Real Chance for the Russo-Japanese Territorial Talks SUGIURA Masaaki April 28, 2016
No.97 Can Taiwan Depart from Economic Dependence on China ? KODAMA Katsuya February 25, 2016
No.96 Great Implication of the US Navy’s Action in the South China Sea SUZUKI Keisuke December 28, 2015
No.95 Japan Should Learn Lessons from India’s Sober Realism NAKAYAMA Taro October 15, 2015
No.94 The East China Sea Gas Fields, at the Forefront of China’s Military Strategy SUZUKI Keisuke August 31, 2015
No.93 ABE Won the OKADA Proposed Debate about the Risk of Sending Japanese Troops Overseas SUGIURA Masaaki June 30, 2015
No.92 The Real Problem of Chinese Styled Asian Bank NAKAMURA Jin April 30, 2015
No.91 Assessing the APT Summits 2013 from the Perspective of Community Building in East Asia KIKUCHI Yona February 17, 2015
No.90 Collapse of Big-Power Self-Confidence in Japan's Diplomacy KATO Akira December 18, 2014
No.89 Japan Should Set an Example for South Korea and US by Making an Apology to Comfort Women KATO Akira October 23, 2014
No.88 Awake the Goodness of Human Nature KONDO Seiichi August 21, 2014
No.87 Frequent Indiscriminate Terrorist Attacks Hit the Xi Jinping Administration SUGIURA Masaaki June 17, 2014
No.86 More Broken Windows Are Found around the Globe TAKAHATA Akio April 16, 2014
No.85 The Growing Effect of the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Campaign Strategy SUZUKI Keisuke February 19, 2014
No.84 The Achievements of APEC in Indonesia 2013 YAMAZAWA Ippei December 26, 2013
No.83 The Case for a Positive View of the state of Current East Asia as in a "Shakedown Period." ISHIGAKI Yasuji October 21, 2013
No.82 China's and South Korea's Criticism against Japan's Monetary Policy Wide of the Mark SUZUKI Keisuke August 22, 2013
No.81 The Japan-NATO Joint Political Declaration as a Yellow Card to the US KATO Akira June 24, 2013
No.80 Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit Should Discuss how to enhance its Role and Usefulness ISHIGAKI Yasuji April 18, 2013
No.79 Japanese Economy Should Set out to "Regain the Lead over China" TAMURA Hideo February 28, 2013
No.78 "Mutual Trust" in East Asian Regional Cooperation on the Rocks ISHIGAKI Yasuji December 26, 2012
No.77 My View of "East Asia Community" HAKAMADA Shigeki October 23, 2012
No.76 Strengthening Security Networks between Japan, the United States, Australia and India ISHIGAKI Yasuji August 21, 2012
No.75 Diplomatic Bluebook and South Korea's Protest SAKURADA Jun June 28, 2012
No.74 A Misunderstanding on North Korean issue SUZUKI Keisuke April 27, 2012
No.73 President Vaclav Havel as a Symbol of Good and Kim Jong-il as a Synonym for Evil IRIYAMA Akira February 14, 2012
No.72 Declare the Japan’s Vision on the Asia-Pacific Liberalization YAMAZAWA Ippei December 19, 2011
No.71 Prime Minister Noda's Negativism toward an "East Asian Community" Contradicts the National Interest of Japan KIKUCHI Yona October 19, 2011
No.70 Rejuvenate EAS as the Asian Version of OSCE YAMASHITA Eiji August 31, 2011
No.69 "We-feeling" of East Asian Countries as Seen in the Wake of the Great Earthquake ISHIGAKI Yasuji June 23, 2011
No.68 Reflecting on the "Existence of the Emperor" on 3-11 HANAOKA Nobuaki April 22, 2011
No.67 The Anti-Chinese Posture Illuminated in Japan-U.S. Summit Meeting SUGIURA Masaaki February 28, 2011
No.66 East Asia Summit featured by the First Participation of U.S. and Russia ISHIGAKI Yasuji December 31, 2010
No.65 How Japan Should Respond to Russia's V-J Day HAKAMADA Shigeki October 31, 2010
No.64 Two Salient Developments at the 17th ARF ISHIGAKI Yasuji August 31, 2010
No.63 A New Development of Japan-China-ROK Summit as a Dispute Settlement Mechanism ISHIGAKI Yasuji June 17, 2010
No.62 Bureaucracy behind the One Percent Pass Rate of Foreign Nurses IRIYAMA Akira April 27, 2010
No.61 A Testing Time for Discussions on an East Asian Community ISHIGAKI Yasuji February 26, 2010
No.60 Japan Should Cooperate with U.S. on APEC OKAZAKI Hisahiko December 25, 2009
No.59 Accelerating Exports to Asia is the Only Way to Regenerate Japanese Agriculture SHINDO Eiichi October 31, 2009
No.58 An East Asian Community and Advocates of "Koa-ron" YAMASHITA Eiji August 31, 2009
No.57 Some Reflections on Aborted Summit in Pattaya ISHIGAKI Yasuji June 26, 2009
No.56 China Makes a Step forward towards a RMB Currency Area MURASE Tetsuji April 22, 2009
No.55 G-20 and APEC Go in Tandem; an Expected Synergy YAMAZAWA Ippei February 24, 2009
No.54 On the Regional Cooperation in Trade and Investment in East Asia MURAKAMI Masayasu January 26, 2009
No.53 The Third Crisis Accelerates the Integration of Asia YAMASHITA Eiji December 15, 2008
No.52 No Independent State Tolerates Abduction of its Citizens HANAOKA Nobuaki November 25, 2008
No.51 Six-Year-Old NEAT Scores High ISHIGAKI Yasuji October 22, 2008
No.50 What Japan expects of Ambassador KWON Chulhyun OE Shinobu September 24, 2008
No.49 What Japan Should and Could Do for Development Aid to Africa IRIYAMA Akira August 22, 2008
No.48 On the Historically Significant Agreement on Joint Development of Gas Fields between Japan and China SAKURADA Jun July 21, 2008
No.47 Japan-China Relationship Entered New Stage SHINDO Eiichi June 25, 2008
No.46 Make Better Use of APEC for Building East Asian Community YAMAZAWA Ippei May 26, 2008
No.45 Ethnic Problem and Community Building TAKITA Kenji April 16, 2008
No.44 Establishment of a Food Safety system in East Asia YASUE Noriko March 12, 2008
No.43 Will the U.S.-Japan Alliance Become Dispensable? SUZUKI Keisuke February 13, 2008
No.42 The Singapore Summits and its Implications for an East Asian Community ISHIGAKI Yasuji January 19, 2008
No.41 Aiming For Multi-Layered System of an East Asian Community and an East Asian Economic Cooperation Organization NAKASONE Yasuhiro December 4, 2007
No.40 What's missing in Hillary's Strategy for Asia KAWATO Akio November 13, 2007
No.39 Establishing and Implementing MDGs for East Asia TAKITA Kenji October 2, 2007
No.38 Community Building in East Asia: In Search of Common Values FUKUOKA Yuki September 12, 2007
No.37 Overhaul of Gateway Strategy to Help Kansai, Chubu ITOH Motoshige August 30, 2007
No.36 Political Decisions Urgently Needed for Japan's FTAs ITO Takatoshi July 22, 2007
No.35 What the Economic Rise of China, India Means for Japan SHIRAISHI Takashi June 19, 2007
No.34 Asia's Leadership in Regional and Global Affairs HIRABAYASHI Hiroshi May 9, 2007
No.33 Dollar, Euro, Yen and Asian Currencies: Toward the Better Stability of the International Monetary System UTSUMI Makoto April 18, 2007
No.32 The Japan 2008 G8 Summit and the Asian New Deal KAWATO Akio March 26, 2007
No.31 On the possibility of Asian Monetary Fund MURAKAMI Masayasu March 5, 2007
No.30 Agriculture can be positive factor SHINDO Eiichi January 12, 2007
No.29 Second Thoughts on Future Order in East Asia SHIRAISHI Takashi October 24, 2006
No.28 Questions over Chinas intentions SHIRAISHI Takashi August 2, 2006
No.27 An East Asian Community and the United States ITO Kenichi July 24, 2006
No.26 The Idea of New International Order China Is Seeking and An East Asia Community (5) AMAKO Satoshi June 16, 2006
No.25 The Idea of New International Order China Is Seeking and An East Asia Community (4) AMAKO Satoshi June 13, 2006
No.24 The Idea of New International Order China Is Seeking and An East Asia Community (3) AMAKO Satoshi June 7, 2006
No.23 The Idea of New International Order China Is Seeking and An East Asia Community (2) AMAKO Satoshi June 5, 2006
No.22 The Idea of New International Order China Is Seeking and An East Asia Community (1) AMAKO Satoshi May 31, 2006
No.21 Leadership and Strategic Vision in East Asia KAWATO Akio May 17, 2006
No.20 Why a Community Rather Than an FTA? HATAKEYAMA Noboru March 7, 2006
No.19 Toward a Principled Integration of East Asia:Concept of an East Asian Community (4) YAMADA Takio November 18, 2005
No.18 Toward a Principled Integration of East Asia:Concept of an East Asian Community (3) YAMADA Takio November 15, 2005
No.17 Toward a Principled Integration of East Asia:Concept of an East Asian Community (2) YAMADA Takio November 10, 2005
No.16 Toward a Principled Integration of East Asia:Concept of an East Asian Community (1) YAMADA Takio November 9, 2005
No.15 Institutional Mix Key to Building East Asia community SHIRAISHITakashi September 12, 2005
No.14 East Asian Community: Intelligently Aimed Evolution ITO Kenichi August 18, 2005
No.13 Expansion of Anti-Japan Sentiments Indicates Contradiction in Chinas Market Economy WATANABE Toshio July 7, 2005
No.12 Japans Beneficent Potential (2) TANIGUCHI Makoto July 5, 2005
No.11 Japans Beneficent Potential (1) TANIGUCHI Makoto June 30, 2005
No.10 An Open Community Based on Universal Values ITO Kenichi June 27, 2005
No.9 How East Asians Can Coexist and Prosper (2) KINOSHITA Toshihiko June 22, 2005
No.8 How East Asians Can Coexist and Prosper (1) KINOSHITA Toshihiko June 21, 2005
No.7 The East Asian Community--Time for Exhaustive Debate HATAKEYAMA Noboru June 2, 2005
No.6 Free Trade Vision for East Asia MATSUDA Iwao April 28, 2005
No.5 East Asia Community and the United States MATSUDA Iwao February 26, 2005
No.4 Forgotten Building Block of East Asian Community MASAKI Hisane February 15, 2005
No.3 Groundhog Day for Bush administration's Asia Policy? MASAKI Hisane January 13, 2005
No.2 On CEAC and Community Building in East Asia ITO Kenichi November 18, 2004
No.1 A Japanese Perspective of the Community Building in East Asia ITO Kenichi August 16, 2004